Welcome to Afronala.co.za, your ultimate destination for discovering and supporting local brands in South Africa. We are a vibrant and inclusive multivendor marketplace that showcases a diverse range of products from talented entrepreneurs and artisans across the country.

At Afronala, we believe in the power of local businesses and their ability to bring unique and exceptional products to the market. Our platform serves as a launchpad for emerging brands, allowing them to connect with a wider audience and grow their businesses.

Explore our marketplace and be amazed by the wide array of offerings available. From handcrafted jewelry to trendy fashion apparel, artisanal home decor to innovative tech gadgets, Afronala is a treasure trove of creativity and craftsmanship. Every item on our platform tells a story and reflects the passion and dedication of the local brand behind it.

We take pride in curating a collection of high-quality products that are made with care and attention to detail. By shopping on Afronala, you not only get access to exceptional goods but also have the opportunity to support the local economy and contribute to the success of small businesses.

Discovering new brands and supporting local entrepreneurship has never been easier. With our user-friendly interface and robust search functionality, you can easily navigate through the marketplace, explore different categories, and find the perfect products that resonate with your personal style and values.

Join us on this exciting journey of celebrating South African talent and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re a discerning shopper, a passionate entrepreneur, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of local craftsmanship, Afronala.co.za is your go-to platform for discovering, supporting, and celebrating the best of local brands in South Africa.

Afronala.co.za is a collective of young South African designers, IT professionals, marketers, and forward thinkers from diverse backgrounds. While we each bring unique beliefs, education, skills, and fashion tastes, our common thread is our shared passion for creativity, curiosity, quality, service excellence, and our unwavering pride in Mzansi’s authentic culture.

As dreamers, believers, and doers, we envision a future where our fellow South Africans wear our brands with immense pride. We firmly believe that this dream will become a reality because we are actively working towards it. Through our platform, we showcase the best of our local brands, amplify their voices, and empower our people to celebrate and embrace their cultural heritage. Join us on this journey as we make our dream a tangible and vibrant expression of our collective talent and the beauty of South Africa.

Our vision at Afronala.co.za is to create a thriving ecosystem where South African local brands flourish and captivate the world. We envision a platform that celebrates the rich diversity, exceptional craftsmanship, and unique stories behind each product. By connecting talented entrepreneurs with discerning customers, we aim to foster a community-driven marketplace that promotes economic growth, cultural heritage, and empowerment.

Our mission is to provide a premier multivendor marketplace that serves as a catalyst for the success of South African local brands. We are committed to curating a diverse collection of high-quality products, ranging from fashion to jewelry, home decor, and beyond. Through seamless online experiences, secure transactions, and a supportive environment, we strive to empower entrepreneurs, amplify their reach, and enable customers to discover, embrace, and support the best of South African creativity and entrepreneurship.

December 2018
The idea is born.
March 2019
Planning and process design begins.
November 2019
Website design begins.
March 2020
Testing of the website begins.
June 2020
Vendor onboarding begins.
March 2021
Store launches with 16 brands onboard.
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