2. Coupons/Discount Vouchers

From the dashboard brand managers can create discount vouchers on selected products or on all of their products. Brands can choose to offer percentage-based discounts or fixed value discounts.

Creating a discount voucher is very easy and configurable.

  • Login to your account and go to the Dashboard.
  • Click on the Coupons tab.
  • Click Add new Coupon.
    Now you are ready to create a new coupon. 
  • Coupon Title: Enter a simple and short phrase, With no spaces or symbols. This is the code uses will use at checkout.
  • Description: (Optional) you can add some details about the discount code.
  • Discount Type: Percentage or fixed value.
  • Amount: The amount based on the discount type. Percentage or value.
  • Usage Limit: The number of times a user can use the discount code.
  • Expire Date: Set the expiration date for the discount code.
  • Exclude Sale Items: if this box is checked, the discount code cannot be used on products that are already offered on sale.
  • Minimum Amount: if this is set, the code can only be used when the total cart amount exceeds this value.
  • Products: Choose individual products that this code can be used on or click select all for the code to useable on all products.
  • Exclude products: This does the inverse of products. The code cannot be used for products selected here.
  • Create Coupon: Click this button to create a coupon.

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