Add a Simple Product

  1. From the main dashboard click Products then click Add New Product on the next page.

  2. Add a product image by clicking Upload Product Image.

  3. On the dialogue box that opens, click Upload Files on the top left -> then click Select files. Now browse your computer/mobile device and locate the image of the product you are adding. This is the main image of the product. You can add more pictures of the product later if you need to.

  4. Now add the Product Title, starting with the brand name -> Enter the product price (you can change this later) -> Enter a short description for the product -> select all applicable categories -> Select your brand from the dropdown -> add a full description of the product, add as much information as possible -> Click Create Product.

  5. Since we are adding a Simple Product, we will leave product type as Simple. Now you can also adjust your product price and see your earnings after deductions.

  6. In the inventory section, enter your SKU (stock keeping unit) or barcode -> check the “Enable product stock management” box -> This will allow you to set the stock level and the low stock notification level. The stock levels are automatically adjusted after each sale. 

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