3. Import Settings

  1. Default category: If your store only has one category of products, your can map all your products to an applicable Afro Nala category, so when your products are imported, they will be mapped to this category. If your Shopify store has multiple collections, you can ignore the default category.
  2. Products to import: You can choose to import only products that have a mapped category on Afro Nala or import all products.
  3. Price Rule Applicable for: We currently only support one-way sync, so this option can only be set to Import Products.
  4. Destination Status: This will be the status of the products on Afro Nala. If your store currently products that were added manually, please set this to Pending Review, to avoid publishing duplicate products.
  5. Source Status: You can choose to only import products that are published on your Shopify store or import all products independent of status.
  6. The last two options need to be enabled to allow your Afro Nala products to stay in sync with your Shopify store.

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