1. What do I need to get started

  • Identity document or business registration document. *required.
  • South African Bank account.
  • Email address. *required.
  • South African registered cellphone number. *required.
  • A Logo. *required.
  • A Banner (625 X 300 pixels) *optional.
  • A background story about your brand or a brief description of what your brand represents. *required
  • Good quality exact pictures of your products. eg. If you are selling a blue t-shirt, the picture must be the blue t-shirt the customer will receive and the description must also be clear. *required *very-important
  • Access to a printer for printing waybills. (A nearby internet cafe can be useful) *required
  • You need packaging. Be creative with this, your customers will appreciate thoughtful and creative packaging and soon images will spread across social media.
  • Access to emails 24/7. required.
  • Someone needs to be available to handover orders to couriers daily. *required.

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