Local Brands You Should Know – Ammara Designs

Ammara Designs - South African Women's Clothing Brand

This week we put a spotlight on local brand Ammara Designs. This is a local women’s brand that you might already know and love.

Ammara Designs is a small South African Women’s Clothing Brand as well as a CMT. The brand and design house was conceptualized in early 2016 and was finally launched in 2020.

Their little design house is located in the leafy suburb of Kloof, Durban. 

What started as a passion project by mother and daughter team Gail and Racine Denny, has now grown into a quality women’s brand. “The idea was to create Items of clothing that can be worn together or mixed and matched as well as dressed up or down for any occasion”. 

Ammara Designs - South African Women's Clothing Brand

Ammara Designs creates classic, flattering and well-made garments using quality fabrics for women between the ages of 25-65. One of the first things you will notice about Ammara Designs items is the high quality. These are items made to last.

Ammara Designs is popularly known in South Africa for the beautiful linen dresses amongst other items. All their products are sourced and made in South Africa.

If you are a hard-working, dedicated and inspired woman who wants to feel feminine, confident and empowered in the clothing you wear, Ammara Designs will resonate with you.

Ammara Designs Black Cotton Dress

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