Local Sneaker Brands You Should Know

Local sneaker brands have been receiving a lot of love in recent years. We have even seen local celebrities such as Somizi Mhlongo and Casper Nyovest partner with some of our local brands to release collaborative sneakers.

I am personally pleased with the current activity and movement happening in our local sneaker industry. As customers who appreciate local brands, we now have a choice. There is a variety of styles to meet every taste.

We’ve put together a list of local sneaker brands that you should be aware of. This list is not in any particular order and is not based on any statistics.


Bathu is one of South Africa’s biggest sneaker brands and a brand that most people will already know. While on travel abroad, Theo Baloyi saw a need for “an African Sneaker brand, portraying an authentic African story”. The brand tells a story, a truly authentic African story.

The brand first went into production with only 100 pairs that sold out very quickly. Bathu now has stores all around South Africa and even have plans to have a presence in neighbouring countries soon.

Since their launch in 2015, Bathu has released several designs including their collaborative sneaker with Somizi, the Mesh 2.0 which is an upgrade to the much loved “Mesh”, which is the sneaker that introduced the Bathu brand. Bathu sneakers are currently available from any of their retail stores and via their online store.

FOM Tekkie

Freedom Of Movement is a South African lifestyle brand that was established in 2013. The brand originally launched with leather bags as their main focus products. They have since expanded their product range to truly reflect the vision of a South African lifestyle brand.

Their FOM sneaker range comes in a variety of Afrocentric colours such as Kalahari, Caramel, Bush and others. The sneaker has a very classic yet modern design that true sneaker lovers will appreciate. The sneaker is available in various colours, designs and materials for both ladies and men. You can grab your pair of FOM Tekkies from one of their stores or via their online store.


Vaya Footwear is one of the new entries in the local sneaker game. The word VAYA is a South African township slang that means “go”, “to go” or “going”. This common word can also be used as motivation to “Go get it!” which actually translates to “chase or go after your dreams.”

Vaya Footwear launched with their first range called the “Vaya Triumph”. The sneaker has a very modern design and was designed with comfort in mind. The Vaya Trium is available via their online store.


Drip is probably one of the fastest-growing footwear brands in South Africa. The brand has been receiving a lot of attention of late, after announcing a R100 million deal with South African rapper Cassper Nyovest. The pair collaborated to release the Root Of Fame 990. The 990 is the newest addition to the growing range of Drip designs.

Drip also saw a huge growth in 2020 with the brand opening multiple stores in malls around South Africa. You can find Drip Footwear from one of their stores or via their online store.

Konkhe Kuhamba Kahle

Konkhe Kuhamba Kahle is another local brand that boasts quality when it comes to its sneakers. The brand has several designs to choose from such as the Black Panther or their latest Jabulani sneaker, made from quality leather with trims of suede. Another true South African brand that every sneaker head should have in their collection.
You can get KKK sneakers from one of their stores or via their online store.


Mpahla is another local brand with a story that a lot of South Africans can relate to. Started by two brothers with humble beginnings. The brand currently has one design in production named the “Inumba Inumba Collection”. The sneaker is available in various colours such as red & black, blue & white as well as grey & black which seems to be the most popular colour.
The “Inumba Inumba Collection” is available via the online store.


Reefer is the most interesting sneaker on this list. The Reefer sneaker is a sustainable sneaker made from cork.
If you are a sneaker head with sustainability concerns, then this is the brand for you.
Reefer sneakers are available from their online store as well as other stockists.


Another interesting entry on the list is Vosk shoes. A beautifully designed sneaker that is simple, comfortable and lets you give back. For every pair of Vosk sneakers you buy, they will give a pair to a child in need.|
The sneaker is available for men and women in various colours.
You can grab a pair of Vosk sneakers via their online store.

Kicks Sports

Kicks sports is another cool sneaker brand or rather sports brand with a cool sneaker. However you choose to look at it, the brand deserves a mention. “Kicks designs and produces proudly African, feel-good sportswear that offers a unique and competitive alternative to global sportswear brands”. 

As part their brand’s mission to bring meaningful change, Kicks Sports also hopes to provide employment opportunities for 1000 South Africans by 2025.
You can grab yourself a pair of Kicks Sneakers from one of their pop up locations or via their online store.

Landlords Footwear

Landlords is another local sneaker brand that taps into the retro/classics. The brand was founded in 2019 but only released their first sneaker in 2020.
Landlords current range is unisex and comes in various colours. This sneaker is very casual and can be worn with anything. Grab your pair of Landlords Footwear via their website.

South Africa has so much to give, we just need to explore it a little more. Let us continue to support local brands, this helps create jobs locally and also boosts the local economy.

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Love Local. Buy Local. Wear Local.

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