Umbala is for the modern African people. People full of heritage, full of passion and most of all, full of colour. Our mission is to Impress with all we do.

Umbala (origin: Xhosa meaning Colour) clothing was formed during the 2020 COVID pandemic. A partnership was born over the making of masks between Peloncia, a talented fashion designer and James, a final year finance student, both with loads of ambition and a passion for African heritage.

African – We use this term as all-inclusive. It goes across race, religion, nationality, sexuality, and gender. It is the term we use to describe all people under the African sun, those who’s heritage is from the continent and even those who just love our culture.

Umbala is much more than just a clothing brand. We strive not only to create opportunities for talented individuals, but also partner with them, providing guidance and aid to market and sell their own products. We only enrich ourselves by enriching others, making a difference.

We trust that this inspirational label will spread a kaleidoscope of colour across Africa and her borders.

Afro Nala

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