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Afro Nala allows you to sync your existing Shopify or Woocommerce shop to your Afro Nala account. This means you only need to manage your Shopify/Woocomerce store. Changes you make on your Shopify/Woocommerce shop will also update your Afro Nala account.

We use webhooks to synchronize your shop to Afro Nala. A webhook is essentially a notification that you setup on your shop that tells Afro Nala that something has changed. A product update webhook is only triggered when there is a change in the product. This also includes changes to stock levels that are triggered by sales or any other kind of stock level adjustment.(You can read more about webhooks for your relevant platform below.)

Things to note before you get started

  • You need to have an existing Afro Nala vendor account.
  • Your products need a unique identifier that can be linked to Afro Nala (eg. sku)
  • We only support one-way sync and will never make changes to your shop.
  • You can choose what fields you want to sync.
  • The setup requires no coding
  • All data is sent securely.
  • It’s POPIA compliant.
  • Supports adding of new products(Products will still undergo review process)

We currently support the sync of Price, Inventory, Product Status, Images, Product description, attributes and more.

This is a one-way sync, meaning that changes that happen on Afro Nala will not affect your website but any changes on your website, will affect Afro Nala.

This also means that if you get a sale on your Shopify/Woocomerce store the stock level on Afro Nala will get updated but if you get a sale on Afro Nala, you will need to manually adjust the stock level on your site.

To make this process easy, you need to have sku’s or any unique identifier that can be linked to your products on Afro Nala. Although this is recommended it is not a requirement.

To read more about webhooks on Shopify go here. For a detailed list of fields sent in the webhook go here and check ProductListing. For our guide on how to setup a webhook on Shopify for your Afro Nala account go here.

You can read more about woocommerce webhooks here and for information on what data Woocommerce will send in the webhook go here. For our guide on how to setup a webhook on Woocomerce for your Afro Nala account go here.

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